Framework! PHP framework? Which One?

A framework is a set of generic functionalities, which can be used by the developers to create their own applications by writing additional code. Frameworks reduce development time, improve security, increase efficiency, and effectiveness.

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PHP is the world’s most popular scripting language for many different reason - flexibility, ease-of-use but often times coding in PHP, can get rather monotonous and repetitive. That’s where a PHP framework can help.

Popular PHP Frameworks

Every framework has it’s own capabilities and satisfies a particular use case. Hence choosing a framework is the most crucial part of decision making in web development. Some frameworks are lightweight used for small and less complex applications some are made to serve huge and complex enterprise applications. Let’s see which one suits you!


Laravel is the most popular, open-source PHP framework in the world. Because of its capability to handle complex applications securely in the fastest way.

Here are some reasons to choose Laravel:
1) PHP community’s favorite.
2) Suitable for complex backend development.
3) Speed and security are in line with expectations for modern applications.
4) Best template engine, Routing, Security, and seamless data migration.
5) Ability to create distinct modules.

When not to use:
1) Small business case
2) Can’t afford high server cost
3) If the project has only one module
4) You have a short learning curve and an inadequate timeline

2. CodeIgniter:

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CodeIgniter is a lightweight framework with a seamless and hassle-free installation. CodeIgniter is a mere 2 MB in size. It has a very comprehensive document for developers, which makes user-friendly and popular amongst PHP community.

Following are the reasons when to use CodeIgniter:
1) Required little coding.
2) Required High Performance.
3) Want to run the small application on a modest server.
4) Need built-in security tools.
5) Faster Development- Rich set of built-in libraries available

When not to use:
1) Complex applications
2) Multiple modules
3) More concern about speed than the cost

3. Yii 2:

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Yii2 is an object-oriented PHP framework introduced in 2008. It stands for “Yes, it is!”. It’s component-based, the high-performance framework for large scale web applications.

Following are reasons to use Yii:
1) Excellent high performance
2) Supports AJAX
3) Highly Secure
4) An application that needs high security like CMS, portals, e-commerce and many others.

When not to use:
1) Simple use case
2) Limited functionalities and static applications


PHP frameworks are designed to simplify the development process and reduce the work required in creating wonderful applications. Every framework has its own set of features along with a list of weaknesses. Other than features and weaknesses, community support and official support from the creator can be a factor to choose a framework. Therefore, the decision of the best framework will depend on the requirements of the project you are working on and your prerequisites on factors such as security, scalability, ease of use and more. So before you choose a framework, understand your requirements. Then you can go ahead and start development.

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